It's A Scrapbook, A Work In Progress 

Fracking Canada is a virtual scrapbook about the large scale frack experiment, the resulting toxic industrialization of our communities, and the residents, wildlife and industries who find themselves in its path and those left ruined and abandoned in its wake.  

It's about healthy communities demanding better and coming together to protect each other, the persecution and intimidation of those of us responsible for providing our families the necessities of life (and since we're legally tasked with such, we assume 'of life' denotes non-toxic and available, else what is the point), and the creation of unhealthy communities as a governmentally blessed industry succeeds in dividing and conquering, driving neighbor against neighbor.
It's about trying to pick up the pieces as communities scramble to provide friends and neighbors with a lifeline that is rapidly and irreversibly being despoiled, given away and sold out from under us.
It's about one addiction industry adopting the mindsweeping blitz of another, and using whatever means necessary to try and convince us they only have our best interests at a void where their hearts should be.
It's about an industry's lost gas and the communities who find it, while our protective agencies quietly withdraw their protection since it's only going to get worse.
It's about the desperation and despair that ensues as governments and regulators fail to provide our safety and security and allow it to be threatened, as we bear witness to the legal terrorizing of families in our communities. 
It's about losing our identities as communities, where we become known for the oil or gas plays we find ourselves living in, residents of the Barnett, the Marcellus, the Bakken, the Cardium, etc, and where 'insert name here' County, State, Province, Town, thereafter become publicly synonymous with contamination, lawsuits, sickness and suffering. 
It's about science and medicine, and the abhorrent gagging, ignoring, and dismantling of it by our governments. Why? 
It's about finding ourselves at a crossroads of unsustainable energy addiction and unmanageable greed and trying to wake-up governments pretending to be asleep, so we can find a better way before it's too late. And for many, it already is.
It's about all of us. 
It is our mission to help expose and document this 'crime against humanity' as it occurs in Canada and around the world, maintaining a spotlight on it as it spreads globally.
And we dedicate this scrapbook to the many individuals and families who have been horrendously impacted by the fall out - forced to flee their homes and communities in search of safety, or worse, must remain and bear it because they don't have the means to escape. 
Thank you so much to all the - parents, grandparents, farmers, ranchers, individuals, students, community groups, county and city councils, scientists, medical professionals, educators, journalists, media, bloggers, insurance companies, financial institutions, investment groups, industry professionals and workers, and especially affected families and individuals who are coming forward, speaking out, and providing the truth so that we're able to share the information, educate, stand up and protect our families and communities, and bring about the change, we and future generations will all need not only to survive, but to thrive. 



... some day when I have kids and they look me in the eyes and ask, “What the hell were you thinking, why didn’t you do anything about this?” I know I’ll be able to look them back in the eyes with absolute confidence and say, “I’m sorry. I tried my very hardest.”

~Sam Harrison - Age 16 - British Columbia, Canada



United We Stand 



Divided We Fall


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